October 24, Zürich: concert at WIM ("Werkstatt für improvisierte Musik") for the 35th anniversary of WIM

November 1, Prague: first concert with the new Trio Accanto, together with Nicolas Hodges, piano and Christian Dierstein, percussion. Works by Hans Thomalla, Brice Pauset, Jo Kondo, Toshio Hosokawa and a first performance of Frantisek Chaloupka.

November 10, Basel: concert with ensemble Makrokosmos (Geneva) and Xasax at the Foyer of "Theater Basel"; works by Georges Aperghis, Fabien Lévy, Iannis Xenakis and Bernhard Lang.

November 20, Lausanne: concert with Xasax; "Kunst der Fuge" by J.S. Bach.

November, 15, Palma de Mallorca: solo/duo concert with Rodrigo Vila; works by J.S. Bach, Giacinto Scelsi, Francis Poulenc, Georges Aperghis and Giorgio Netti.

November 30, Bordeaux: concert with Xasax; works by Fabien Lévy and Georges Aperghis

December 7, Basel: concert with Sinfonietta Basel (conductor: Mario Venzago); WAL for five saxophones and orchestra by swiss composer Roland Moser

December 16, Cologne: concert with Trio Accanto. Works by Toshio Hosokawa, Mark André, Hans Thomalla and one first perfomance by Andreas Dohmen.

December 21, Cologne: recording of the trio for clarinet, Saxophone and trombone by Malika Kishino together with ErnestoMolinari and Uwe Dierksen.

January 8, Basel: concert at "Gare du Nord". Giacinto Scelsi's "Canti del Capricorno" with Michiko Hirayama

January 16, Basel: first performance of a new solo piece by Mark André for soprano saxophone and first perfomance of "Fracking", a composition for string trio and saxophone by Hans Thomalla, with "trio recherche".

January 24, Céléstat (F): same programm as January 16th.

January 29, Pforzheim (D): same programm as January 16th.

February 10 to 14, Riga: Masterclass

February 27 and 28, Salamnca: Masterclass

March 22, Bergen (N): concert with Trio Accanto





September 17 -22, Royaumont (France): : Residence with Xasax, Quatuor Diotima, Makrokosmos and "les cris de Paris"; first performances of different young composer

October 16, Moscow (Russia): concert in Rachmaninov Hall (Moscow Conservatory) with Ensemble of Contemporary Music, cond: Igor Dronov; works for sax. and ensemble by Hanspeter Kyburz, Nadir Vassena and music by Alexander Wustin and Giorgio Netti

October 19, Basel: performance of SEXTETO MISTICO by Heitor Villa-Lobos in a chamber music festival of students and teachers of Hochschule für Musik Basel

October 21, Donaueschingen (Germany): world first perfor-mance of BLUT for saxophone, piano, percussion and orchestra by italian composer Aureliano Cattaneo. With Trio Accanto and orches-tra of the SWR, cond: Francois-Xavier Roth

November 9, Frankfurt-Hoechst (Germany): solo recital withmusic by Gösta Neuwirth, Giorgio Netti, Georg Philipp Telemann, Edgar Varèse ua.

November 30 - December 2, Cullera (Spain): Masterclass and concert together with Yukiko Sugawara; works by Toshio Hosokawa and Rico Gubler.

(DECEMBER 2011 - MARCH 2012)

December 9, Basel: Marcus Weiss conducts ENSEMBLE DIAGONAL with works by Rudolf Kelterborn and Andrea Scartazzini.

December 10, Basel:
concert with Teodoro Anzellotti (accordion), works by Lutoslawsky, Schubert, Piazzolla.

December 19, Basel:
Poulenc-Trio with Arno Bornkamp and Florian von Radowitz during Arno's Masterclass with the saxophone class in Basel.

January 18, Basel: Marcus Weiss conducts works for saxophone and percussion by Juan Maria Cué and Francisco

February 1, Chicago: solo recital at Northwestern University, as part of his residence with the composition classes. New solo pieces by: Dave Reminick, Chris Fisher-Lochhaed and Elliot Cless.

February 12, Stuttgart: with Trio Accanto and choir of SWR, new work by Tomoko Fukui.

March 4, Berlin: concert for children with Sarah Sun (voice) and TRIO ACCANTO. With first performances of pieces by:Sarah Nemtsov, Evdokija Danajloska, Martin Smolka, Thomas Stiegler und Thomas Kessler

March 12, Basel: Marcus Weiss conducts "zone experimentale" with VORTEX TEMPORUM by Gérard Grisey.

March 13, Amsterdam: short recital with solo piece by Giorgio Netti and sonata by Robert Schumann (op. 105)
with Tobias Schabenberger (piano) at the International Saxophone Days.

March 30, Bern: Marcus Weiss conducts "zone expérimentale" with a new work by Heinz Holliger: "H.K.H Le-sung" for 10 voices and percussion (world premiere) and "Kreuzspiel" by Karlheinz Stockhausen.



September 19 - 24, Royaumont (France): Residence with Xasax, ensemble recherche and "les cris de Paris"; first performances of different young composers

September 29, Basel:
trio with Viviane Chassot (accor-
dion) and Rafael Rosenfeld (cello), works by Rudolf Kelter-

October 9, Cologne: first concert of PARKHAUS TRIO with Ernesto Molinare (clarinets) and Uwe Dierksen (trombones);
new pieces by Malika Kishino and Markus Wesselmann, also by Wolfgang Rihm, improvisations

October 23, Paris: at CITé DE LA MUSIQUE, two perfor-
mances of ZEUGEN, musical theatre by Georges Aperghis
with Salomé Kammer (voice), chamber ensemble directed by
Zsolt Nagy

November 5, Palma de Mallorca: Necessita d'interrogare il cielo, solo cycle for soprano saxophone by Giorgio Netti

November 11/12/13, Leonberg, Stuttgart and Biberach: concerts for children with Sarah Sun (voice) and TRIO ACCANTO. With first performances of pieces by:Sarah Nemtsov, Evdokija Danajloska, Martin Smolka, Thomas Stiegler und Thomas Kessler

November 14 - 17, Chicago: residence with composition students at NORTHWESTERN UNIVERSITY, in collaboration with Hans Thomalla.

November 26, Zürich: duo concert with Sylwia Zytynska (vibraphone) composed and improvised music

December 3, Paris: Théatre Dunois, triple (20 birthday!) concert with XASAX and ensemble Aleph; first perfomances of works by: Jean-Charles Francois, Denis Chouillet, Jean-Baptiste Devillers et Eric de Clerq


(February - June 2011)

February 4, Basel:
Xasax and Geneviève Strosser (viola); works by Nadir Vassena, Giacinto Scelsi, Philippe Racine, Alfred Knuesel and Georges Aperghis.

February 5, Zurich: Xasax and Geneviève Strosser

February 18, Palma de Mallorca: Solo-Duo-Recital with Alain Damiens (clarinet); works by Aperghis, Berio, Boulez, Huber and Netti

February 27, Berlin:
Trio Accanto; works by Mark André, Toshio Hosokawa and Wolfgang Rihm

February 31/March 1, Donaueschingen/Biberach (Germany): Trio Accanto; works by Peter Ablinger, Georges Aperghis, Carlos Bermejo and Helmut Lachenmann

April 17, Rochester, New York;
April 20, East Lansing, Michigan;
April 21, Bowling Green, Ohio;
Xasax works by Bouchot, Fedele, Francesconi, Papier, Racine, Tüür and Xenakis

May 21, Madrid: Trio Accanto; works by Carlos Bermejo, Stefan Streich and Hans Thomalla

May 24, Munich: Xasax first performance of new saxophone quartet by Hans Thomalla

May 25, Basel: Trio with Juerg Henneberger (piano) and Mike Svoboda (trombone): new works for trio by Balz Truempy, Georg Friedrich Haas, Qiming Yuan, Michel Roth and Matthias Krueger

June 3, Stuttgart: with Radio Symphony Orchestra, Rhapsodie by Claude Debussy and Piece en forme de Habanera by Maurice Ravel
rst perfomranceM and: works

(August 2010 - January 2011)

16. August 2010, Rheingau-Festival (Germany);
Recital with Trio Accanto; first performance of a new trio
by Toshio Hosokawa and works by Helmut Lachenmann and Wolfgang Rihm

5. September 2010, Springhornhof (Germany); recital with pianist Akiko Okabe; first performances of new pieces for saxophone and piano by Rico Gubler and works by Vassena and Scelsi

25. September 2010, Zürich; private concert in duo with singer Sylvia Nopper, mixed programm

27. September 2010, Lausanne; concert with Xasax and Geneviève Strosser (viola); first performance of a quintet by Alfred Knuesel and works by Aperghis, Dufourt and others.

10. October 2010, Pec (Hungary); concert in trio with Marco Blaauw, trumpet and Dirk Wietheger, violoncello;
ERWACHEN by Karlheinz Stockhausen

16. October 2010, Hamburg; concert with Xasax and Geneviève Strosser (viola); works by Georges Aperghis

29. October 2010, Vienna; opening concert of the festival Wien Modern; baritone saxophone concerto by Georg Friedrich Haas with Radio Symphony Orchestra, conductor: Peter Eötvös

9. November 2010, Geneva; concert with Contrechamps; Phonie Douce by Philippe Leroux

19. November 2010, Prague; concert with Xasax, first performance of a quartet by Lubos Mkrvicka and other works for four saxophones

1. - 9. January 2011, concerts in Israel. Works by
Stefan Wolpe, Paul Mefano, Rico Gubler, Olga Neuwirth, Wolfgang Heiniger, Rico Gubler, Luciano Berio, Georges Aperghis and others.


(August bis Dezember 2009)

24. August 2009, Hamburg; EDENTIA by Karlheinz Stockhausen (first performance with eight channel electronics). In the same concert world premiere of PARADIS for flute solo played by Kathinka Pasveer

3. October 2009, Paris; L'INTONAZIONE DEL MARE by Salvatore Sciarrino with XASAX and many more

13. October 2009, Brussels; WORLD PREMIERE of
ERWACHEN by Karlheinz Stockhausen, with Marco Blaauw (trumpet) and Dirk Wietheger (cello).

25. October 2009, Leuven; duo concert with pianist Yukiko Sugawara, works by Olga Neuwirth, Giorgio Netti, Wolfgang Heiniger and Eric Sleichim.

6. November 2009, Paris (IRCAM); WORLD PREMIERE
of a new solo piece for soprano saxophone and elec-tronics by GERARD BUQUET.

25. November 2009, Edinburgh;
solo recital. First performances by works of Michael Edwards and Lina Tonia, also works by Wolfgang Heiniger and Giorgio Netti

29. November 2009, Luxembourg;
MATERIA OSCURA for saxophone and ensemble with "ensemble recherche".

5. December 2009, Oberwil (CH); "sweeter than roses", duo concert with Teodoro Anzellotti (accordeon)

7. December 2009, Valencia; duo concert with Christian Dierstein (percussion) first performance of Voro Garcia's new duo; also works by Elliott Carter, Salvatore Scairrino and Karlheinz Stockhausen

18. December 2009, Frankfurt; "sweeter than roses", duo concert with Teodoro Anzellotti (accordeon)

20. December 2009, Paris: recital with XASAX


(Mai bis August 2009)

21. May 2009, Amsterdam, Muziekgebouw; concertos
of Birtwistle (PANIC) and Staud (VIOLENT INCIDENTS) with
"windkraft tirol", conductor: Kasper de Roo

6/7 June 2009, Tel-Aviv and Jerusalem; CELLS for saxophone and ensemble by Hanspeter Kyburz and chamber music with Toedoro Anzellotti, Ernesto Molinari and the Israel Contemporary Players; conductor: Zsolt Nagy

2. July 2009, Nova Gorica; mixed solo and chamber works (Bach, Beethoven, Heiniger, Netti and others) in a concert together with Arno Bornkamp and Matjaz Drevensek

4 - 11 August 2009, Montaut de Villeréal (France);
Masterclass and concerts with XASAX

(Sept. bis Nov. 2008)

11./12. September 2008; Bozen; Masterclass und Solo-Konzert; Werke von Huber, Netti, Weiss.

26. September 2008; Luzern; Konzert mit dem dem Chor CAPPELLA NOVA, Leitung: Raphael Immoos; UA von Thomas Kessler für Saxophon und Chor, BURLESKE von M.Kagel und verschiedene Solostücke (Marianischer Saal)
27. September 2008; Zürich; wie oben (Hochschule)
25. Oktober 2008; Basel;
wie oben (Gare du Nord)
26. Oktober 2008; Bern; wie oben (Saal des Konserva-toriums)

5. November 2008; Milano; beim Festival MILANO MUSICA mit XASAX, Werke von Donatoni, Dufourt, Francesconi, Sciarrino; solistisch HOT für Saxophon und Ensemble von Franco Donatoni

21. November 2008; Tours; im "le petit faucheux" mit XASAX, sowie Evan Parker und Barry Guy; Werke von Guy, Buess, Sharp, Levaillant, Payen u.a.
22. November 2008; Paris (Boulogne-Billanc.); wie oben
23. November 2008; Brest; wie oben

26. November 2008; Genova; mit XASAX, Wiederaufnahme des Programmes von Milano (5. November)

(Mai bis August 2008):

3. Mai 2008, Köln (D), Philharmonie;
Georg Friedrich Haas: "Konzert für Baritonsaxophon
und Orchester"
(world premiere); WDR-Symphonie
Orchester, Dirigent: Emilio Pomarico

10. Juni 2008, Basel Musik-Akademie: book presentation of "The Technique of Saxophone Playing" (Bärenreiter Verlag), with Giorgio Netti and Michael Töpel (editor)

30. Juni 2008, Basel, Sudhaus; "Saxophone Spectrum"
ISCM-Concert with three saxophone quartets: Alliage, SAXemble and xasax; works by Guerrero, Messiaen, Reich, Cage, Bouchot, Knuesel and others

6. - 19. Juli 2008, MASTERCLASS: "Darmstädter Ferienkurse für Neue Musik", Darmstadt, Germany;

7. Juli 2008, Concert in Darmstadt with TRIO ACCANTO:
works by: Olga Neuwirth, Hans Thomalla, Brice Pauset and Josep Sanz

19. Juli 2008, final concert as soloist with SWR-Orchestra: "Pussla" by Vikintas Baltakas, for seven soloists and orchestra, Johannes Kalitzke: conductor

6. August 2008, Hamburg, WDR Sendesaal;
World Premiere
of "EDENTIA" (soprano saxophone and electronics) by KARLHEINZ STOCKHAUSEN

11. AUGUST 2008, Salzburger Festspiele, Universität Aula Magna; concert with xasax: music by W.A.Mozart and Domenico Scarlatti (elaborazioni di Salvatore Sciarrino)

12. - 18. August 2008, MASTERCLASS with XASAX in the south-west of France (Périgord); Information:
or directly:

(September bis Dezember 2007)

12. September 2007, Luzern, Stadt-Theater
"Rahel und Pauline"
Uraufführung der "Briefoper" von Roland Moser; Mit Désirée Meiser, Jeanine Hirzel, Viviane Chassot, Käthi Gohl-Moser, Stephan Schmidt und Matthias Würsch.

21. und 22. September 2007, Bern, Vidmar-Hallen
"ZEUGEN" von Georges Aperghis. Mit Salome Kammer, Teodoro Anzellotti, Mathilde Hoursiangou, Ernesto Molinari und Francoise Rivalland.

24. September 2007, Warszawa, Warschauer Herbst
von Georges Aperghis.

6. Oktober 2007, Venezia, Biennale di Venezia
von Georges Aperghis.

19. bis 22. Oktober 2007, Moskau, Kazan, Tournee
mit XASAX; Werke von Xenakis, Scairrino, Papier, Dufourt, Kalimullin (UA).

25. / 27. und 28. Oktober 2007, Basel, Gare du Nord
Aufführungen von "Rahel und Pauline", "Briefoper" von Roland Moser.

3. November 2007, Zürich, Tonhalle
4. November 2007, Radio-Studio Zürich
mit XASAX; UA von "Ceullis par la mémoire des vôutes" von Alfred Zimmerlin mit der CAMERATA ZÜRICH.

9. November 2007, Frankfurt (Höchst),
Solo-Rezital Marcus Weiss

30. November 2007, Winsen (D)
Aufführung des Werkes Saxony von James Tenney

8. Dezember 2007, Luxembourg, Philharmonie
Solokonzert: Necessita d'interrogare il cielo (für Sopransaxophon solo) von Giorgio Netti

(Januar bis Juni 2007):
(january to june 2007):

18. Januar 2007, Paris, FONDATION DES USA
spielt Werke von Aperghis, Bouchot und Fedele.
zu Gast: Geneviève Strosser, Bratsche.

3. Februar 2007, Karlsruhe, ZKM
Portraitkonzert in Zusammenarbeit mit der Hochschule für Musik Karlsruhe. Mit Wolfgang Meyer, Gerard Buquet und Studenten der Hochschule. UA von Vito Zuraj und Matthias Ockert, sowie Werke von Scelsi, Netti, Huber, Aperghis und Rihm.

6. Februar 2007, Innsbruck
mit WINDKRAFT TIROL, Dirigent: Kasper de Roo
Saxophonkonzerte von Birtwistle und Staud

9. Februar 2007, Köln, Großer Sendesaal des WDR
Wiederholung des Konzertes vom 6. Februar

15. - 25. Februar, Graz, Impuls-Ensemble-Akademie
masterclass und Konzerte;
. zusammen mit u.a Ernesto Molinari, Garth Knox, Michael Svoboda, Beat Furrer, Georg Friedrich Haas.

5. März 2007, Madrid, Reina Sofia
UA von Josep Sanz, Werke von Carlos Bermejo, Wolfgang Rihm, Toshio Hosokawa und Helmut Lachenmann.

10. März 2007, Brüssel, ARS MUSICA
mit dem ensemble recherche (Freiburg), UA eines
neuen Werkes für Saxophon und Ensemble von Nadir Vassena.

20. März 2007, Berlin, Maerz-Musik
UA von Pey-Ju Shi und von Gianluca Ulivelli, sowie "Songbook" von Bernhard Lang (mit der Sängerin Jenny Renate Wicke).

24. März 2007, Karlsruhe, ZKM
Werke von Shi, Ulivelli, Rihm und André.

21. April 2007, Witten, Tage für Neue Kammermusik
UA von ZEUGEN von Georges Aperghis. Mit Salome Kammer, Teodoro Anzellotti, Mathilde Hoursiangou, Ernesto Molinari und Francoise Rivalland.

26. April 2007, Paris, CNR Boulogne-Billancourt
Solokonzert. Necessita d'interrogare il cielo
(für Sopransaxophon solo) von Giorgio Netti

5. Mai 2007, Köln, Kunststation St. Peter
Projekt mit drei Saxophonquartetten (XASAX, Saxemble
und Alliage). Werke von Reich, Cage, Guerrero, Ligeti, Xenakis und Aoerghis.

8. Mai 2007, Freiburg i. B.
Wiederholung des neuen Werkes von Nadir Vassena mit dem ensemble recherche.

24. Mai 2007, Basel, Gare du Nord
Wiederholung des Konzertes vom 8. Mai.

29. Mai 2007, Beijing, New Music Festival
Duo Accanto, mit Yukiko Sugawara, Klavier

1. Juni 2007, Hamburg, mit dem Orchester des NDR,
Solist mit "Violent Incidents" von Johannens Maria Staud

28. Juni 2007, Mainz, Rezital mit dem TRIO ACCANTO